NKB is an abbreviation for a Norwegian company called Norsk KompetanseBygging AS. The company is limited by   Shares (Ltd). In Norwegian “limited by   Shares” means “Aksjeselskap” (AS).

The full name of the company is Norsk Kompetansebygging AS. The short name is NKB AS or only NKB

The company started in 1994. It is a consultancy and research firm. Additionality the company is the majority owner in several international companies.

Smartphone and computer learning (the next step of eLearning):

  • The Lucubrate system for learning includes different tools. We use the IQC-concept. The project “Lucubrate” develop courses for TVET. We also use the IQC-concept for any industry that wants to build the employees knowledge.


Following companies are a part of Norsk Kompetansebygging AS:

  • Nobel Knowledge Building (Uganda) NKB AS own 80%: Nobel Knowledge Building (NKB) will run a technical school (Vocational school) in Luweero, Uganda. We own 10 acres of land where we will set up the buildings. The school will be a boarding school. The student will partly be skilled in the school and partly at different work places
  • Health Development Partnership (Uganda) NKB AS own 80%: Health related work and items.
  • Goodwill Academy School (Uganda) NKB AS own 50%: Primary school in Bewyale since 2002